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MMA Chapters Code of Conduct

Mind Medicine’s Chapters are a place where we welcome anyone who is interested to learn about psychedelic-assisted therapy and help to bring it to people who are suffering.
One of the tensions MMA has grappled with in our chapters comes from the fact that psychedelics are, under current law, illegal and that we as an organisation have an obligation to not incite or facilitate illicit drug use.
That being said, we wholly acknowledge the profound transformational impact of these medicines and want as many people to experience the hope and excitement of one day being able to use them in legal clinical settings, in this country.
It for this reason, that we have prepared a short code of conduct for what we believe is a fine balance to reconcile these tensions.
Speaking of Personal Experience
If you have personal experience with psychedelic medicines please feel free to share these experiences with others at chapter events, if your experience took place in a setting that was not compliant with Australian law, please don’t mention the time and place.
We ask that you be mindful that chapters contain a broad mix of interested people, ranging from people who have extensive experience with psychedelics in a variety of settings to medical and mental health professionals who are learning about PAT as a new development in their professions.
If speaking of personal experience in non-clinical settings, it is important to acknowledge any risks you have observed involved with taking the medicines in uncontrolled settings alongside benefits that you may have experienced to present a balanced perspective of the need for taking these medicines in controlled environments and with properly trained practitioners.
In the Case that Personal Experiences are Making People Uncomfortable
While it is natural for those who have experienced the medicines to talk openly about their experiences with them, it can be confronting for those who have not to hear these stories.
The primary aim of chapter events is for education and advocacy of PAT, and as such, it is important to understand that if you notice that the sharing of psychedelic experiences is making other members of the chapter uncomfortable in any way that you stop sharing and check in with them.
Preventing Illegal Activity
As previously mentioned, the challenge with bringing together people interested in PAT is that the only way to experience it in the current climate (outside of joining a clinical trial or travelling overseas) is to do so illegally.
While MMA is passionate about bringing PAT to as many Australians as possible, we cannot and do not support the use of these medicines in any way that breaks the law.
As such, we would like to clearly state that the procurement of psychedelics or solicitation of services from underground psychedelic therapists is strictly banned at all Mind Medicine events.
We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your co-operation.